Flomatic Internal Valves

Product Description

Designed primarily for LP-Gas and anhydrous ammonia liquid withdrawal on MC331 bobtail delivery trucks, transports and large stationary storage containers with flanged connections. The valve is fully automatic, opening and closing as the pump is turned on or off


Fully Automatic

  • Operates on pressure differential from the pump to open and close.
  • Automatically closes should downstream line rupture causing loss of pump differential pressure required to keep the valve open.
  • Problems of improperly sized excess flow valves slugging shut during liquid transfer are eliminated.

Faster Unloading

  • Straight through flow design provides minimum pressure drop and large flow capacity to the pump, resulting in higher flow rates and greater pump efficiency.
  • Unloading is quicker and turn-around faster to provide more profitable operation.

Greater Protection

  • Fully automatic operation virtually eliminates operator errors such as forgetting to close the valve after product transfer.
  • Fully internal design reduces possibility of spillage that may result from a collision.
  • Built-in visual indicator lets the operator know whether the valve seat is in the open or closed position.
  • Never a cable problem. These valves must NEVER be held open by wire or any other means as the valve will not close as expected when the pump is shut-off.

Less Maintenance

  • Easily replaceable, high efficiency external filter removes contaminant’s as small as 20 microns. Filter virtually eliminates orifice clogging, excessive internal filter maintenance and service downtime.
  • No need to check or replace air lines, cables or cable connections.


  • Completely equipped with mounting bolts, flange gaskets, quick acting valve and filter - all in one purchase price.
  • No need to purchase additional mounting equipment or actuating accessories.
  • Specify RegO® Internal Valves on your next new tank body or when your tank is rebuilt.


BodyCast Steel, Valve StemStainless Steel, Operating StemStainless Steel, PistonAluminum, CylinderStainless Steel, ScreenStainless Steel, SeatsResilient Synthetic Rubber